Inspiring Ideas for Bookshelf Styling

How many of you get frustrated with styling your shelves? It’s one of the things I hear complained about the most when styling interiors. I think the main things people aren’t sure of is exactly WHAT to put on their shelves. There is no write or wrong answer to this scenario. Honestly, I tell people to put out what inspires them. What is pretty and what they love. I’m a big fan of filling your home with pretty things that you love plain and simple. Also, when it comes to styling shelves there are some things I always try to do: 1. Use items with texture. It doesn’t matter if it’s a plant, wood, metal fabric or cement, texture adds visual interest. 2. Use things that have different heights to them. By doing this you ad visual appeal. You make the eyes move up, down and all around because there is so much to take in. 3. Include glass and sass. What I mean by that is glass is elegant and pure in nature. So add it via jars, bowls candles, plates etc… When I say add sass, I mean little touches that will add some shine such as mercury glass, brass, silver or gold. 4. Try using a neutral color palette for a more miniminlit and simple approach. 5. Use usual items. Mix it up have fun. Incorporate things that have odd/unusual shapes and sizes. The key thing to remember is that there are NO rules. Be true to you and to your style. You can never go wrong.




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