Moments Together Harvest Dinner with Pottery Barn

Making Moments ever more Memorable with Pottery Barn Registry

Photography by: Melanie Ruth Photography

This post has been done in Partnership with Pottery Barn. All opinions below are my own and my experience with the product and brand. 

Happy Tuesday loves, it’s the end of the Summer and Fall is quickly nipping at our heals as cooler weather settles. Many people have had a successful year gardening and will have lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to share with family and friends. Why not host a Harvest Dinner Party to share all your home grown goodness as harvest season comes to an end?  Today, Scott and I are happy to partner with Pottery Barn to help share all the fabulous selections we used in our Harvest Dinner Party from their new wedding registry and share how we used them to entertain in style as we made special moments together as we are both such foodies and love being in the kitchen. (if you didn’t know, Scott is quite the cook when it comes to Italian food. His Italian blood really comes through when he whips up of those types of meals). It always brings a smile to my face to see him in the kitchen.

Truth be told, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been an avid shopper of Pottery Barn not just because of the quality of their furniture and home accents but because of the durability, versatility and classic style of them. Scott and I celebrate 14 years of marriage in October and boy oh boy do we remember the day we went to register for our wedding. It was a bit intimidating to say the least as we didn’t know exactly what we should register for. We were so grateful for the guidance we got from family in regards to what items were a must for creating the basic of a well stocked home as we began life together.  I must say we have learned a lot over the years on how to create a well stocked and functioning home.

What I love about Pottery Barn’s registry is that it isn’t just about pots, dishes and kitchen items, but they offer so many more things that help you to create a place to call home and to welcome family and friends in style.

In the mornings, some of my favorite Pottery Barn registry items helps me to get my day started in both style and comfort. I literally never want to get out of my robe, it’s like the hardest thing LOL.

pottery barn registry

I LOVE how classic and elegant their glass canisters help my rustic shelves look. They let me see whenever my toiletries are low so I’m never stuck without what I need to put myself together in the morning. The sizes I have are the small, medium and large and they can be found here.

pottery barn

My robe and I are BFFs. If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, you know very well that many mornings you can find me in my robe and I LOVE how soft this Waffle Weave Resort  is because of the Turkish terry lining inside. It’s really absorbent so it helps to soak up any excess water on my skin especially if I’m running late in the morning and I do a not so thorough job of drying off with my towel after showering.

pottery barn

pottery barn robes review

pottery barn robes review

pottery barn wedding registry

pottery barn robe

When you are enterting two hands are better than one so that things run smoothly and you don’t fall behind. The worst thing is having your guests arrive before you are even done setting up. Scott and I make a good team when it comes to entertaining, he is good at food prep and of course helping me as a second pair of hands. We always seem to have fun whenever we are in the kitchen. It’s really one of those rooms in the house were we make lots of moments together.


  1. Do as much prep work ahead of time that you can. From shopping to meal planning. It makes organizing your day much easier and efficient. Do the more tedious/time consuming work first even if that means doing it in your bathrobe 🙂

harvest dinner party

pottery barn regsistry

2. Get a helping hand. I used to be miss “I can do it by myself” until the day I actually couldn’t and was in tears at how late I had ran. So do’nt be a superwoman. Enlist help from a family or friend to help you the day of to keep you on task and lend a hand in case something goes wrong or time becomes limited.

We use salt and pepper in everything we cook,  as do most people, so it’s a no brainer that this chic marble salt and pepper holder is a must have for any modern day cook. Scott really liked this piece as we were picking things out. He wondered how his big hands would looking holding the cute little spoons (cue the cheesy laugh with smile). I love the little pewter spoons and this makes for an elegant way to have salt + pepper to use at the table.

pottery barn wedding registry

farmhouse kitchen

pottery barn

After your wedding you will be doing lots of entertaining from holidays to birthday parties to simply having a Girls Night In or hosting Super Bowl Sunday. The registry at Pottery Barn literally offers so much more than you think. Since this was a Harvest Dinner Party theme, we wanted to create a harvest station where our guests could pick up farm fresh pickings to take home and enjoy in a meal of there choice.

pottery barn wedding registry

3. Create an atmosphere that goes with your party. Since this was a Harvest garden themed party, I wanted pretty things that grew in nature around me in the dining room. Those things came in the form of florals and curly willow.

These Tuscan Terra Cotta Urns are items you can get on their wedding registry and are so versatile and can be used in so many ways and for all 4 seasons depending on what you want to put inside. I love how the curly willow and hydrangeas looks in them.

tuscan urn

pottery barn registry

4. Don’t forget, not every one drinks wine/alcohol. So be sure to offer up different options for them to drink.

found sparkling beverage

pottery barn gifts

pottery barn

rose wine

5. The tablescape is so important when entertaining. Make it inviting, make it pretty and make it fit with your theme, if you have one. When registering for items, don’t forget things that will help make your table welcoming for your guests. Especially items that can be used for any season.

pottery barn

The reason I picked these modern farmhouse lanterns, and why you should too is because they really are so versatile. You can switch up the colors of the candle you put inside for different seasons/holidays and you could even add things like faux leaves, mini ornaments and so much more (as long as it fits).

park hill lantern

rustic lanterns

When  you do a tablescape, incorporating fresh flowers is one of the easiest and pretties ways to dress up a table. This tuscan terra cotta vase I chose is really versatile and classically shaped and it wasn’t to large to fill with flowers. Remember, the bigger the floral vase the more money you will have to spend to fill it.

Pottery Barn Wedding Registry

pottery barn

capre salad

No matter how you think you will make moments together as a couple, Pottery Barn has it all to do that and do it in style. Be sure to check out all that the Pottery Barn registry has to offer and more of the pieces we got to choose from.

food styling

The marble serving set is a must have registry items. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used them since getting them. They go in any style of home from modern to farmhouse.

pottery barn wedding registry

moments together

Photography by: Melanie Ruth Photography




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  1. 8.29.17
    Natasha said:

    This is such a beauitful read in addition to being a wonderful resource to new brides out their getting ready to make a house a home!! Thank you for sharing!! Love every bit of this post.
    Xoxo Natasha ❤❤

  2. 8.29.17
    Alease Roy said:

    This is such a lovely post. I love entertaining and I’ve always loved Pottery Barn. Congratulations on your collaboration with such an awesome store. You and hubby look wonderful together. Blessings, Alease

    • 8.31.17
      therusticlife said:

      Thanks so very much Alease, been shopping at PB since my first apartment so love that I had the chance to work with them!

  3. 8.30.17
    Sandie Hinderscheid said:

    You were right I loved ❤️️it

    • 8.31.17
      therusticlife said:

      Thank you Sandie 🙂

  4. 9.2.17

    What a beautiful post Sandra! The photos were perfect!

    • 9.8.17
      therusticlife said:

      Thank you Nonee, it was wonderful working with a brand I love!

  5. 9.7.17

    I’m not getting married but I love this post (been married for 9+ years). Your pictures are gorgeous and I have an unhealthy obsession with Pottery Barn. I actually registered there for my wedding. Makes my heart so happy that I came across your blog. Bookmarked!

    The Cocooners

    • 9.8.17
      therusticlife said:

      Oh Camille, I’m so glad you stumbled unto the little space of mine. My obsession with PB is real too, ever since owning my first home. Glad you are here my new friend!

  6. 9.8.17

    Such a great post! And I love your house Sandra! Everything is so beautiful!!

    • 9.12.17
      therusticlife said:

      Thank you so much Darleen!