Understanding my hereditary risk for cancer

OK so results are in for my genetic testing I did several weeks back. I partnered with Invitae on this and your girl was tested for 147 test genetic factors to determine any hereditary risks for cancer or heart disease and turns out I’m a pretty healthy girl. No increased risk of inherited cancers or heart conditions. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, being nervous and all considering my family’s cancer history (my mom died of cancer and I lost a sister and uncle day to cancer) so this really gave me a sigh of relief. 

If you recall, I first mentioned that I was taking the genetic test on Instagram and that I was excited to learn about any hereditary risks so I could get ahead of the game. This type of information is so valuable to understand if I would need to make any lifestyle changes or start getting more frequent screenings. 

Taking the test was really easy. I received my kit in the mail and then went online to register my kit, set up my health portal, and fill out my health questionnaire. Then, I gave my saliva test (I did mine first thing in the morning), sealed the tube you collect the saliva in and sent it off in the prepaid postage. It was that easy and that convenient. 

It was just a few short weeks later before I got my results back (notified via email) and was able to have a follow up call with a genetic counselor to go over everything. I loved this part of the process because this time allowed me to ask any questions I had to be sure I understood everything. Since taking this genetic test, I have peace of mind and a clear path forward to making the best decisions for my health. 

And just to recap:


Invitae is a leading medical genetics company, whose mission is to bring comprehensive genetic information into mainstream medicine to improve healthcare for billions of people. Invitae’s genetic tests are trusted and used by clinicians across the globe. 


You can go online to www.invitae.com and choose a genetic screen that’s right for you – whether you’re in the process of starting a family or want to be more proactive and understand any inherited cancer or cardio risks. Once you choose the genetic test that’s right for you, you initiate an order online, which is then reviewed by a doctor. A genetic testing kit will be sent to your house, you provide a saliva sample, then mail the test back for processing in Invitae’s lab. After you get results, a team of board-certified genetic counselors are available by phone, to help explain your results and discuss next steps. 

The best part is that Invitae’s tests provide genetic information that can be used to make health decisions – all from the comfort of your home – so an appointment with your doctor becomes more productive. 

So you may be wondering … Is this something I would do again? Absolutely! Is this something I would suggest you do? Definitely, especially as a woman who might be experiencing a time of transition and may have more health questions! This post is sponsored by Invitae.

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